YOURLS Mac Client (v0.5)

Integrating the URL shortener with your workflow.


The YOURLS Mac Client is a very simple app to have a global keyboard shortcut send a link to your installation of YOURLS. When your server responds, the short link is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it. The idea is that the whole process is very quick.

During the initial design of the app the functionality was going to be hardcoded for my server, and my sole use. I decided, however, that it would be easy enough to open up to all YOURLS users, and that sharing the app was the best way to give my thanks to the YOURLS developers.

Download it yet? There is no application icon; I'm a developer, not an artist. The menubar icon came from a free icon resource finder, and I'm merely a code person. If you feel so inclined, I welcome anyone to make an icon for the app (and a monochromatic menubar icon would also be appreciated)


Assuming you have completed your installation of YOURLS, setup is very simple. First download the client using the big download link above.

  1. Visit your admin panel and click Tools.
  2. Scroll to "Secure passwordless API call"
  3. Select and copy the link under "Usage of the signature token" it contains your signature token and API url.
  4. You can then paste that in the API URL field in the Mac client, and it will extract your signature token.
  5. Click "Save" and the Mac client will test the connection, save the settings, and close the window.
  6. Like magic, you are now up and running!


The YOURLS Mac client sends the url on your clipboard to your installation of YOURLS using the API. To avoid sending useless information, the client will only respond to (and send) web links to your installation of YOURLS.

To shorten a URL activate the keyboard shortcut (OPT-L-S). That is your option (alt) key, the letter L and the letter S. The command key is not involved. After activation the client will attempt to delete the characters created from the shortcut. If anything goes wrong please contact me, I'm still working out the kinks.

The YOURLS Mac client now has a menu from which you can bring up the Settings window and Quit the app. To close the settings window, click the "Save" button. This will test the connection, save your settings, and close the window. I've removed the left/right click configuration stuff to make the app easier to use.

Please note that you may lose your API URL settings if the last connection failed and you quit the app.


How do I contact you?
My email address is in the About window of the app. You will find an email link next to my name.

Can I customize the shortcut?
Nope. Currently there is no shortcut customization setting. There may be in the future, but it's not an immediate concern of mine. This app was originally for me, remember? Though if you're a donator, a nice person, and catch me on a good day I might hook you up with a custom build.

Can I help out?
Sure! The app needs artwork, the website could be better, and I need testers to find bugs! Contact me with specifics! =)

I found a bug!
That's great! No, really - if you've found a bug that I missed, please contact me! Let me know what happened, what you were expecting to happen, and how you got to where you did. I would really like to fix the issue you found.

The License

This software is free to use. This software is not open source. Think free as in beer; not free as in speech.